Easily clean your search history manually

Once you grant the tool the access to your search history, if the auto-clean mode is switched off, you can go to the action window of this tool and select from the list of searched keywords to manually remove/delete searched items.

  • Find the searched keywords in the mini search bar
  • Select multiple searched terms and use "Remove selected"
  • Remove each result by clicking "X" on the right
  • Manually select "Remove all"
Please be aware that we (the developer team) do not have access to your search history. Your search history is locally stored in your browser and our extension (Search Privately) is locally stored on your browser too! The extension communications directly with your search history, not through us.
Please note that the extension can only display the keywords you looked for after you have installed it. If you installed this extension to your browser, granted the necessary access, but don’t see any keywords on the user interface of this extension, don’t worry, the extension is working fine!

Or just turn on our Auto-clean mode

When the auto-clean mode is ON, our tool will automatically remove all your search history.


Changing your default search engine to Yahoo

In order to provide the functionality of Online Safety, we require to change your default search engine to Yahoo. If you do not want to use Yahoo as your default search engine, your only resort is to uninstall this extension.


Do you have a question for us?


Search history is something very private and it reveals a lot about your preferences and your secrets. Once it's saved on your browser, it might pop up in autocomplete suggestions or other places that "betray" your secret. We want to provide you an easier way to remove them constantly in order to protect your history, especially if you are sharing your laptop or device with other people in your office or in the house.


Yes, it is a free browser extension which you can download from Google's Google's Chrome Web Store and install it on your Chrome browser (or Chromebook browser) .


Don't worry, the extension is not sharing your search history with anyone. Your search history is locally stored in your browser and the extension will be installed locally on your browser. The extension communicates directly with your browser. It doesn't send this information out of the box with anybody else. The extension needs to access your search history in order to provide you more freedom to remove them (select the searched terms and remove them as you wish).


If the auto-clean mode is ON, you don't need to do anything special. The tool will automatically remove any searched keywords/terms from your search history after your each and every search. If it's set as OFF, you are provided the freedom and flexibility to go to the small control panel inside the extension to remove the searched keywords by yourself.


We are very sorry to see you go, but we totally respect your choice. You can find instructions on how to remove this extension on the Uninstall page. We would appreciate if you can let us know the reason why you wanted to remove it. It will greatly help our product team improve the product!